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    Trading for fun and intellectual creativity in neverwinter online

    Once you are comfortably in the 10 million range you could just grind it out day after day. But all things lose their shine after a while, and actually the economy is quite small and won't let you monopolise every market.

    So my choice was to have fun and use the AH as a financial sandbox. This is the time for you to use your own creativity, so I won't detail everything I enjoy doing, but here's a few fun ways to make more neverwinter ad ....

    - Invest in crafting, making sure you have just one grandmaster, and 4 mithral assets for the higher level items. Perhaps try having an uber-crafter who has all professions maxxed and all 9 slots, and all the assets, particularly since some of the assets can be shared across different crafts reducing your outlay. Crafting only makes big money at the highest levels or at threshold levels (like level 40). You can expect to make 50-100k per day per fully specced profession, a bit more if you really have nothing better to do than watch Gateway all day.

    It's also fun to develop tactics that best use your assets and resources. Oh, and Leadership is for carebears who are happy with the crumbs from the high table, 'nuff said.

    - Track and exploit the botting goldfarmers. Make sure you win and process all those stacks of level 5 enchantments into better things (hint-hint). Report the botters once you have made your money to make the goods more scarce. Report them again. And again, for fun :-)

    - Establish monopolies and move the whole market up and down. Or even better spot another trader trying to do this and oblige him to pay you off by gradually hooking him into buying everything you have collected for this express purpose at ever increasing prices until he has run out of bagspace.

    - Play the neverwinterad/Zen exchange, forming what some finance traders call a 'box-spread' or 'box-position'. No this isn't a karma sutra thing, in this case it means having large currency proposals at both high and low exchange rates. You win in a volatile market either way, and sometimes both ways!

    The only time you don't win is if the market is stable. And then you just cancel the offers out at no loss.

    - Speculate on how game-changes or player-base changes will affect the demand for certain goods. Buy up things that are likely to increase in value due to these changes. Damn PW for introducing a specific pack for artificing and weaponsmithing, rather than having new bonus assets to existing profession packs...

    If you land up winning with 60% of your ideas you will make a lot of money, and if you win 85% of the time, then you are as good as me ! Please don't post that you win 100% of the time, because if that's so then you are not being bold enough.....also ofc it hurts my pride.

    - Buy things with Zen to reprice higher/unbundle in the normal AD market

    - buy yourself every luxury and time saver you can now afford

    - and keep trying new strategies, add them here if you think they're amusing or effective....
    Last edited by mmoseeker; 11-12-2016 at 04:54 AM.



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