I have played both WoW (for 5 years) and Aion (since 3rd beta), and I find that both of them are enjoyable for their differences.

Yes, WoW has tons of content, but that's because it's been running so long and they have to keep adding more to keep people interested. Keep in mind that a lot of the old content is still there, but almost never used. Also, the main reason they keep the graphics looking like they do is because it allows the largest market to be able to play it on almost any aged computer.

I really enjoy Aion for it's graphics and aerial combat, as well as other smaller features. But it does take a lot longer to level and do much of the content in general. Although, we know Korean MMOs tend to be more "grind" based than others (We'll see how Blade & Soul turns out in comparison).

Blade & Soul will definitely become my favorite game/MMO for many reasons. I love the graphics and the art style used. I've always been a fan of martial arts games, because I've been taking Taekwondo since I was 7. And, the fact that this game will be produced in parallel for PC and consoles brings an interesting take on how the gameplay will be implemented.

Of course, it would be a great feeling to have our Blade & Soul become the number 1 game out there and take WoW's place. But, we all know it would be unlikely to topple WoW, even if the game is that amazing. There are a few reasons for this being the case. 1) There will always be WoW "fanboys" that will never EVER allow anything to take it's place because it being number 1 is all they have known. They'll just take jabs at our game and flame it to no end while still playing WoW. 2) With Blade & Soul's graphics being so good, we know it will require a pretty decent computer just to run it. And that will not allow some people with older computers to play. There are other reasons, but those are the largest.

Now, let's say that it could topple WoW and be the first to do it. There are a few things that I would NOT enjoy about that. 1) A lot of the idiots that hang around the WoW forums and such would move over here and cause the "ZOMGHACKSDIEINAFIRENOOB" attitude to skyrocket. Of course, there will always be those types in any online game and the more popular it becomes, the more of them will show up. I would just like to keep it to a minimum, if possible, since I've experienced that more than I ever would have hoped already. And 2) When you're on top, you're always the target of everyone else. If Blade & Soul was on top, then other gaming companies (including Blizzard) would attempt to knock us off.