I dont hate Wow, im just sick of people not giving a game a chance and saying 'Wow' clone.

I have never played it but I all my friends who I have played it say its great and it has alot of content but the graphics. But this is only because it is so fluppin old it has loads of content that as been added with updates and such. Its hard for a game not to beat that and think of something unique.

But anyway, alls I am sayin is that I hope Blade and Soul replaces Wow as the new next gen ****** of mmos. Because tbf, I think Wow is kinda needing a sequel right now, with Aion and such.

But then Aion is ok, but the gameplay is crap (I heard) because they spent so much time on the graphics and spent all of their ram on the graphics.

Im hoping Blade and Soul will be amazing graphics and gameplay!

Because I mean I dun see why it wouldnt, they said it was meant to come out in 2009! And from the interveiw video (on the website) the guys working on it are complete perfectionists. They even said so.
This leads me to believe that Blade and Soul is practically finished but they are just trying to find more ways to make it more perfect.