Every MMO that has come out since after the existence of Blizzard's current juggernaut has had people in the community go about it the wrong way.

Nothing will ever "beat" "destroy" "replace" "take over" World of Warcraft.

Keep in mind the things Wild said, and also that every game will have designs that appeal to different players. Every game will take its own direction, make its own decisions, and exist alongside those that are already here. Is it so hard to imagine both games existing at once? I fully plan to continue to enjoy both myself.

Change your mindset to the positive instead: Will this game deliver me as incredible an experience as I have had before? More so? Will the developers make the right design decisions and keep their playerbase in mind? How can I help them do this?

I am sure that some time in the far future WoW will diminish on its own (not anytime soon since the upcoming expansion figuratively and literally destroys the World and makes it over anew) but in the meantime we can continue to enjoy Blade and Soul and any other game we want without the need to judge its merits based off of something a great deal different.

Lets enjoy!