I'll join the "I don't care if it's gonna beat WoW or not, as long it's fun to play." side.
I have been playing many MMORPG's that's on the market now but I have to admit, this game is good, even if I don't like it.

Everyone that has played WoW till lvl 80 (or was playing it constantly before the addons came) and is still playing it, knows that this game has a certain appeal to it that the other games doesn't have. When Warhammer: AoR and Aion were announced, everyone went ape sh** (even some friends of mine who have played Warcraft and WoW since the beginning) and many believed that those games will be a rival to it, but in my opinion, they are not.

Here's my WoW gaming history:
I played Guild Wars for 2 years, then I got bored of it and started playing WoW. I played Warhammer: AoR, got bored of it after less then a month and came back to WoW, I played Aion for a month, got bored of it and came back to WoW...I got bored of WoW and came back to Guild Wars. Now I got bored of Guild Wars and currently I'm not playing anything besides F2P MMO's and console games.

It has been said a few times now, this game has a huge (huge huge) community that won't allow another game to take it's place. But actually I don't mind, because of this reason:

Now, let's say that it could topple WoW and be the first to do it. There are a few things that I would NOT enjoy about that. 1) A lot of the idiots that hang around the WoW forums and such would move over here and cause the "ZOMGHACKSDIEINAFIRENOOB" attitude to skyrocket. Of course, there will always be those types in any online game and the more popular it becomes, the more of them will show up. I would just like to keep it to a minimum, if possible, since I've experienced that more than I ever would have hoped already. And 2) When you're on top, you're always the target of everyone else. If Blade & Soul was on top, then other gaming companies (including Blizzard) would attempt to knock us off.